Monday, December 22, 2008

Minty Fresh Software

While some people are hesitant to use online personal finance software, I personally find it refreshing. I've been using Mint for more than a year now and enjoy watching the new features as they add them. I used to use Quicken to monitor my finances - and if I was using a desktop product I would still use it - but I find the convenience of online software and the simplicity of make it worth the switch. There are some risks since you are allowing another company to have access to all of your accounts but I feel that is taking the proper precautions to protect my information.

Recently announced their iPhone App. While I haven't been willing to spend the money on an iPhone, I do think these things are pretty cool. This is just another way Mint is staying on the edge of technology. It seems to allow you to do most of what you would do from your PC with the added convenience of mobility. If any of you out there have an iPhone please leave your thoughts on this free app.