Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frugal Resolution of the Week

Last week's FRoW went well with the exception of an insane road trip I took over the weekend. This week's resolution is staying with the theme of food. I really think food is the number one place for me to change my budget. So, my new resolution is to cook a large meal at home once a week. I want to make something that will provide leftovers for at least 4 more meals. Currently, although I haven't been eating out much, I have been eating a lot of frozen food. The frozen meals from Green Giant, Stouffers, or Birds Eye. While these are cheap and easy to cook (and do have vegetables), they also have a lot of sodium and other stuff I'm sure isn't the greatest for you. Plus, a home cooked meal should be able to average out less than the frozen stuff if you do it right.


Anonymous said...

Great recommendation! Cooking at home saves a lot of money, and is much better for your health. When you cook for yourself, you have so much more control over exactly what you're putting into your body and in what quantities.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of a FRoW and you are right; cooking one or two big meals and eating them throuout the week can save big bucks. In the long run, it's much less expensive to search out and comsume real, whole food instead of frozen this or microwave that--think of the doctor bills when you have a heart attack or develop colon cancer!

Anonymous said...

I've done that before. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of keeping my leftovers fresh tasting and appealing over the course of several meals. And if I don't feel like doing that, then I still have a quick and easy meal (heat and eat!)