Monday, May 26, 2008

Odd Business Idea

I found this weird website called The Big Word Project. Basically, they are an online dictionary where the definition is a link to a website. You can pay $1 per letter to specify a URL for the definition of any word. So, the word bubble would be $6. There is only one definition allowed per word. It amazes me that people actually pay for these things. I could understand a popular search engine charging for keywords, but not a random website without any other content. This idea might be better suited for a real online dictionary. If I was these guys though, I'd allow multiple definitions. Maybe they could let the owner of the word sell secondary definitions? I wonder how long until a word here goes up on ebay. The problem is, aside from boredom, I can't think of a good reason why the general public would go to this website to begin with.


Anonymous said...

There are many odd business ideas that I don't understand either, yet somehow they work! Websites popping up with concepts such as these amaze me, I think that some creators have really great ideas!

heykatie said...

Whoa, really? I've never heard of it, and for this reason, I wouldn't use it! If it were some huuge, massive frequently viewed website such as myspace or wikipedia or google, then heck yeah! But it's some small site, so... why spend the money? The money may as well just go toward pay per click advertising or something like that.