Sunday, May 4, 2008

Win a House and 2 GMC Yukons

Everybody loves free stuff, and the ultimate free thing would have to be a decked out house with a new car. Every year I enter the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway religiously. I've never won, but I still persist. This year, however, HGTV is also running a contest for the Green Home. This is a very nice home, but no where near the price of the Dream Home. I would actually prefer to win this home because the associated taxes and upkeep expenses are much more manageable. The cool thing about the Green Home is that it is energy efficient as well, saving the winner even more money. The Yukon that comes with it is also a hybrid. Although the hybrid Yukon still isn't really all that efficient, the Yukon is sweet ride. After you enter for the Green Home (which comes with a Yukon), you get a second opportunity to enter to win a Yukon from GMC. Well, Lowes is running a contest as well, which gives you a third way to try and win that Hybrid Yukon. So what are you waiting for? Go win something! :) *Note: There are only 5 days left on the HGTV contest.

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